Project complexity, increased competition and growing regulatory compliance obligations from regulatory bodies and clients are some of the challenges organization in the domain of construction are required address effectively. To ensure final project deliverables are within the required specifications, project completion in-time and within budget with superior process performance with respect to quality, health safety and environment, organizations in the construction domain are required to implement a robust QHSE management system in place. MyEasyISO Quality and HSE Management software solution provides the construction industry the means to deliver all these dimensions and meet the stakeholder’s expectations through an super-efficient, easy, comprehensive, real time collaborative and comprehensive ISO software for construction industry.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 for construction Industry with MyEasyISO

  • Deliver quality projects by providing quality products and services of legitimate and reliable contractors and vendors. MyEasyISO QMS Purchase module empowers the organization to evaluate and accredit would-be providers, also giving the capability to re-evaluate existing contractors, subcontractors, service providers and other vendors.
  • Resolve project specifications ambiguities and uncertainties in the project execution process; fulfill the contractual requirements by using the functionalities of the MyEasyISO QMS Operations module. Early detection and remediation inconsistencies in material, methods or processes can be achieved by utilizing the Quality and non-conformance modules in the MyEasyISO QMS.
  • Eliminate the confusion that exists at the practical, application level of the different regulatory bodies. MyEasyISO QMS Context of the Organization maps the issues that impacts the execution of the project and the MyEasyISO HSE module identify the organization’s compliance obligation.
  • Monitor & manage customer complaints, customer satisfaction, enquiry / bidding / proposal management and pre-project feasibility reviews effectively.
  • Define processes / work instructions / flow charts / method statements etc. at a centralized place in secure cloud ensuring 24 X 7 accessibility of the most recent version of the document as per access control policy for effective document and record control.
  • Manage multiple construction sites through a single account giving you unparalleled visibility of processes and compliance through a single login for managing your ISO 9001 implementation and certification effectively.
  • Manage drawings, document revision change requests etc. remotely and quickly.
  • Manage site audit, internal audit, customer audit, government audit and certification body audit data / reports / corrective actions and audit NC closure reports at a centralized place resulting in optimum retrievability and availability.

Environment Management System ISO 14001 for Construction Industry with MyEasyISO

  • Prevent project delays or termination by fulfilling the construction industry’s strict regulations, permitting requirements, and enforcement designed to protect the natural environment. Determine the project risks with the MyEasyISO EMS module and identify pertinent regulatory, statutory and legal obligations using MyEasyISO HSE Management.
  • Compete in an ever ‘greener’ market by tackling the challenges of resource depletion, waste and recycling. MyEasyISO HSE Management’s Waste Management module identifies and validates the processes or activities that generate waste and the corresponding mitigating measure or control. The Operations module of MyEasyISO QMS and the HSE planning module of MyEasyISO HSE Management addresses the optimization of materials and activities that mitigates, if not, eliminates waste.
  • Control the introduction of pollutants into the environment which can affect the workers on site, the neighborhood, or the local ground, water and air quality by capitalizing on MyEasyISO HSE Management’s modules on HSE Planning, HSE Operation and Waste Management.
  • Visualize life cycle perspective of the construction project and ensure aspect – impacts covering significant life cycle perspective activates are considered while planning and executing construction project.

Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001 for construction industry with MyEasyISO

  • Pre-qualify subcontractors for safety, MyEasyISO HSE Management Performance evaluation module allows the organization to identify project specific key performance indicators which can become the basis of HSE Inspection criteria for pre-qualification. Enhance the organizations pre-qualification capabilities with MyEasyISO Internal Audit module when conducting vendor due diligence activities and accredit suppliers by means of the Purchase module.
  • Plan safety into the project and evaluate each project phase for safety by:
    • Identifying risks associated with health and safety, and generate a project specific risk register through the use of the risk and opportunity module of MyEasyISO QMS and hazard and risk module of MyEasyISO HSE.
    • Identify processes or activities that have the potential to adversely affect safety and the environment, determine the appropriate mitigation measures and the effectiveness of these controls with the HSE Planning module of MyEasyISO HSE Management.
    • Ensuring the pertinent competencies are engaged in the project; MyEasyISO QMS HR module allows the organization to map personnel roles and accountability, identify competencies and training needs.
    • Using MyEasyISO HSE Management Performance Evaluation module and MyEasyISO QMS Internal Audit module streamlines the organization’s project inspections and due-diligence activities.
    • Manage personal protective equipment and safety gears, provide training, conduct tool box talk, plan emergency evacuation and emergency preparedness with HSE module of MyEasyISO.
  • Improve safety and health performance; MyEasyISO HSE Management module permits the organization to identify the risks in the workplace and the associated activities, pinpoint hazard sources, classify hazardous materials and chemicals, institute the appropriate means of controls and evaluate the effectiveness of these controls in the project and much more proactive features to achieve “zero LTI” and zero project downtime.
  • Plan, implement, certify and maintain ISO 45001 standard in construction industry effectively with MyEasyISO for superior occupational health safety system.

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