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Generate more value and ensure ongoing long-term revenue with MyEasyISO – QHSE Software the world uses.

MyEasyISO Global Associate is a comprehensive global program designed to meet the critical needs and interests of companies that seek to become consulting, reseller, technology, or strategic partners with MyEasyISO. The program helps to strengthen MyEasyISO partnerships through the collaborative development of business objectives, value proposition and technical value-add.

MyEasyISO has developed a strong, vibrant and high-quality ecosystem of partners to ensure availability of the software that has changed how organisations address their QHSE compliance.

The MyEasyISO Global Associate program is designed to support partners in uncovering new opportunities, to grow businesses and to increase profitability. We offer our partners a global footprint, product portfolio and superior customer service to help drive innovation, efficiency, effectiveness and simplicity across Quality Management, Health and Safety Management, Environmental Management, Food Safety Management, and Information Security Management.

If you are an existing ISO consulting company or a freelancer, you can join us as a consulting partner. Organisations with an existing software portfolio who want to add MyEasyISO to enhance their portfolio can join as a reseller. Organisations wanting to achieve a greater synergy by integrating MyEasyISO with their software with APIs can become our technology partners.

Join our Partner program
  • Add value to your brand and expand your offering to your clients
  • Enhance your consulting and GRC service solutions
  • Generous profit sharing
  • Enjoy robust marketing, sales, training, and technical support
  • Become a part of the global software eco-system presence in more than 90 countries

There has never been a better time to become a MyEasyISO partner! As the world’s leading software platform for QHSE compliance, MyEasyISO provides you a tremendous opportunity to experience greater profitability with our Partner Program.

MyEasyISO shares up to 30% of subscription revenue with eligible partners and business associates depending on performance. Many of our global associates have earned an average of $10,000 USD per month over a 6-year period.

Becoming a member of MyEasyISO’s award-winning MyEasyISO Global Associate program is a joint long-term commitment based on a shared vision and synergy with our synergy and common value proposition to the market. The partnership is led by the objective of growing business for mutual success.

Joining forces with MyEasyISO will help partners to increase their visibility, branding and acceptance in the marketplace, and will enhance their service offering, position, and market coverage. Partners receive the support they need to grow their business.

  • Long-term partnership for mutual benefits
  • World-class software added to your portfolio
  • Go-to-Market support with training, customised website, marketing collaterals, and white papers
  • World-class technical and commercial support to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your association with MyEasyISO
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