Managing a complex global supply chain, uncertain demand, product innovations and rapidly changing customer preferences are some of the challenges facing the electronic industry. MyEasyISO QMS and HSE Management software solution facilitates the industry in the development of operational excellence program that aligns resources with operational and quality objectives to overcome these challenges.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 for electronics companies with MyEasyISO

  • Enhance competitiveness ensure quality control over product development cycles in the electronics industry by using the Design & Development, Operations and Quality module of MyEasyISO QMS solution.
  • Improve reliability and availability of critical assemblies manage and control processes and demonstrate zero tolerance for errors and minimize operational costs by employing the Operations module of MyEasyISO QMS solution
  • MyEasyISO QMS solution permits the electronics industry to facilitate compliance in all manufacturing processes, streamline supply chain management and ensure vendor and supplier meet the set standards with purchase module and context module’s risk management approach.
  • MyEasyISO QMS solution allows the electronics industry to maintain brand reputation by continuously improving quality control efficiencies. Avoid, detect, mitigate and take appropriate actions on fraudulent counterfeit parts in the supply chain. Constantly assess performance with data analytics and reports by using the Performance evaluation and Report/Analysis modules.
  • Manage customer complaints, feedback and perception in the most effective manner using MyEasyISO.

Environment Management System ISO 14001 for electronics industry with MyEasyISO

  • MyEasyISO HSE management allows companies in the electronic industry to establish and implement an occupational health safety monitoring programs. The HSE Planning module facilitates identification of all activities to have potentially significant impacts to the environment during normal and abnormal conditions. The Waste Management module allows monitoring of direct or indirect indicators of emissions, effluents and resource used.
  • Identify the different regions’ regulations, readily manage various regulatory regimes and anticipate pending changes to existing regulatory requirements, and maintain traceable, retrievable proof of compliance in the electronics industry by employing the Compliance Obligation module of MyEasyISO HSE management solution.
  • MyEasyISO QMS and HSE Management solution supports EHS compliance the electronics industry by maintaining supply chain transparency. Identify suppliers and vendors that release environmental pollutants and toxins, and or expose employees to unsafe work condition.
  • MyEasyISO HSE Management solution expedites the electronic industry to account more and more for Corporate Social Responsibility and the complete product lifecycle in decisions and demonstrate accountability for their products impact to the environment.

Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001 for electronics companies with MyEasyISO.

  • Ensure workplace safety in the electronics industry MyEasyISO HSE Management solution facilitates risk and hazard management to protect the workforce from: exposures to material released by substrates during handling or mechanical manipulation, exposure to hazardous process chemicals and metallic powders, exposure to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, physical hazards and energy hazards.
  • Plan and implement effective and comprehensive emergency preparedness policies and train employees. Test and improve these polices using automated workflow of MyEasyISO.
  • Manage entire documentation with respect to occupational health safety standard, CE and regulatory compliances using MyEasyISO for electronics manufacturing, supply and retail operations.

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