Difference between “Functional”, “Operational”, and “Technical” competence in the “ideal competence” tab?

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Functional competencies are specific to a specific department or type of job. Functional competencies describe the knowledge, skill, and/or abilities required to fulfill required job tasks, duties or responsibilities.

Operational Competencies are specific to each process the person is supposed to be a part of or execute.

Technical competencies are specific to fluency in operating specific hardware, software, equipment, design calculations, coding, theoretical and practical expertise in the specific domain.

Example:- Designation: Design Manager

  • Functional Competence: Should be able to understand and interpret design requirements of the user.
  • Operational Competence: Use of AutoCad software and ProRivet software. Generate design documents.
  • Technical Competence: Carry our design validation and load-bearing capacity calculations. Identify mistakes in design and calculations.